As a consumer we have many options when it comes to shopping.

When it comes to leasing your installation services and maintenance on cctv surveillance, computers, router, switcher, printer, server, networking, optical fiber, access control, virtualization and solar panels Xnnov is your best choice.

Instead of credit, you can get affordable payments by providing your source of income.

Xnnov  we are an option if you need to temporarily offer maintenance, or simply would like to leasing a solution for your home, business or company we are always here to help.

Your credit is not necessary.

No need for credit, Xnnov does not ensure that everyone has the opportunity to obtain security systems, alarms, fast computers, earning money on solar panels they want, from virus removal to the installation of their home audio and video system.

This is why you should choose us to lease your own services, installation and maintenance quality equipment, cctv surveillance and more without the need for credit.

Do not suffer more credit, we are your solution in you lease to own

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With our store you will find the best benefits and security you will also get flexible payment options without hidden charges in your plans.

You who prefer to shop online, Xnnov is the leader in leasing your own merchandise online.

We make it easy to buy, get approved and make your payments online.

Our customer service associates aim to make your lease purchase experience worthy of mention on social networks.

Even our satisfaction is that you breathe easy: free guarantee. This means that as our valued customer, we have thoughT at all times of your shopping experience to make it as easy and fast, convenient and stress-free as possible.

Our guarantee is your satisfaction Xnnov includes delivery, installation and service.

There is never an additional charge, and if the situation requires a loan item, we provide it at no additional cost.

Easy payment options.

At Xnnov’s, you choose the lease plan for your property that best fits your budget:

12 months The plan offers a low cost of property lease.

18 months This offer plan provides a lower payment for a low total cost of ownership of the lease.

24 months Our most requested plan offers the lowest possible payment.

Remember that you can set up the payment as you want weekly, biweekly or Semi-monthly.

No Hidden Fees.

At Xnnov’s, we make everything easy to understand. There are no surprises. When you are considering a product on, you will be aware of your monthly payment, the amount of payments, the cost of leasing services, and the total cost of ownership of the lease. No hidden charges with no surprises.

Services & Repair Included.

Xnnov has a way to save you money. Whether you choose new or previously leased goods while making payments to xnnov’s, you never have to worry about unexpected service or repair costs.

If you have a problem, Xnnov’s will quickly ship to a repair technician, and will provide a loan if necessary without any additional charge for that either. Also in order to protect in case of fire or flood.

When you pay your lease, we even provide you with an extended extended warranty of 30 additional days.

Some restrictions apply, please contact our service center for more details.

The Benefits of Lease to Own at Xnnov.

Taking a lot of options. From going to the local shops to several online offers, you have options when it comes to where and how to buy household items, businesses or companies like computers, alarm systems, solar panels and software etc.

This leads to rent with option to purchase. With this easy purchase option you can pay little by little without long term commitment or contract. There is a great list of benefits and conveniences, where to choose your payment plan until you know that you always have the option to update at any time.